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This page is dedicated to those that are providing valuable and positive support to Lower St.David’s Community Association’s (LSDCA) aims to improve our community.  We thank them for their positive ‘can do’ attitude.


Greenham Safety & Workplace Supplies of Exeter have provided tools and gloves for LSDCA volunteers to collect litter within parts of our community, including Looe Road Park. LSDCA have agreed to share this responsibility with ECC’s Cleansing Department for a trial period of 3 months. Unfortunately, neither Cleansing or the Parks departments were able to provide the necessary litter pickers for our active participation, but Cleansing did supply the plastic bags.


Rory Cunningham, University of Exeter’s Community Liaison Officer for his rapid and positive response in dealing with a variety of student related issues during ‘Welcome Week’.


Western Power - For working in close co-operation with Lower St.David’s Community Association and taking so much trouble to organise the ordering and installation of a new enclosure for the electricity sub-station.  








Exeter Community Safety Partnership for providing funding for the security gate in Taddiford Road.


Exeter Community Safety Partnership for providing funding for the weekly footie sessions with Football Association qualified trainer Chris Webster and their donation to the Royal Wedding Party in the Park.


Cornerstone Housing for their generous donation towards the funding of the Royal Wedding Party in the Park.


Councillor Stella Brock, the Lord Mayor of Exeter, for her donation via ECC’s ‘My Neighbourhood’ project towards the Royal Wedding Party in the Park.


Local businesses that donated prizes for the Party in the Park competitions.

The Londis Metro Shop  

The Premier Inn

City Electrical Factors


Various residents that contributed other prizes and their time.




Hall of Fame