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Neighbourhood Watch

Your City Needs YOU.

A very valuable asset to Community Policing, or it could be.

It’s a pity that the police don’t realise it!!

‘Our Exeter’ invites comment from Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators outlining their experiences.

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Having achieved satisfactory vetting by Devon & Cornwall Constabulary (D&CC), one of the ‘Our Exeter’ team became the only Exeter member of the Police Volunteer Programme (PVP).  As a suitably vetted police volunteer they were asked by D&CC to take on the role of Neighbourhood Watch Office Manager and tasked with the job of expanding the NHW scheme across the City.  Our team member’s experiences and attempts to gain satisfactory support within this role were an unmitigated disaster.

More details to come on the lack of support from the majority, and barely concealed hostility  from a very small minority.  Positive support was also noticeable by its absence, other than from a very small number of officers.

Requests for support and funding was also declined by eight of the nine Exeter City County Council representatives, the only positive response being from County Councillor Phil Brock.