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This page has been included following recent allegations of illegal issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices by Exeter City Council Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs).  Allegedly, following the strict orders of Civic Centre management, the CEOs were instructed to issue parking tickets illegally in many areas across Exeter known to have questionable road markings and signs.  The  CEOs expressed their concerns to management who instructed them to continue issuing FPNs.  The CEOs have since resigned and are currently involved in proceedings against Exeter City Council for constructive dismissal.

This is yet another example of the contempt that those in authority have for the taxpaying public and are fed up to the back teeth of being treated like ‘cash cows’ and  seeing their money wasted on projects like....

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM) fiasco. Already £9.2M overspend on an original budget of £15M and the work is still incomplete.  A letter to the Express & Echo can be viewed here

The Cowley Bridge Road Bus-Stop Farce.  £11,000 spent on a bus stop on a route buses no longer use.

The Infamous ‘Heavitree Arch’.  ECC stated that the cost was £73,000.  A FOI request made by the local newspaper revealed the true cost to be £172,000, plus some rather contemptuous email exchanges that we will publish if given the appropriate permission by the Express & Echo.  

The  ex-Devon County Council employee that had the temerity to question payment of invoices that contained insufficient information, and subsequently implemented unfair dismissal proceedings against the County Council.

‘Our Exeter’ welcome any further information regarding these or any other matters that should be out in the public domain and open to public scrutiny.

Parking Fiasco Update -

A former parking officer at the city council is accused of falsifying a document used in a motorist's appeal against a parking ticket.

XXX appeared before Exeter Magistrates Court recently to answer the charge against him.

No plea was entered to the charge and the case was sent to Exeter Crown Court after magistrates were told they had no jurisdiction to deal with the case.

Prosecutors told the court that the case was ready to be transferred to the city's crown court. The charge relates to an incident that allegedly happened in June this year. XXX at the time of the alleged offence, is accused of doctoring a map, which was presented to a traffic penalty tribunal after a motorist appealed against a parking ticket issued to him in Exeter.

The charge presented to XXX during the court hearing states that between June 1 and June 30, in Exeter, while acting as a public officer without reasonable excuse or justification, he wilfully misconducted himself, by falsifying a map used in a parking penalty notice proceeding. He was released on unconditional bail to appear for a preliminary hearing at Exeter Crown Court on Friday, December 3. Exeter City Council declined to comment on the case but confirmed that was no longer employed by the authority.


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