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Hall of Shame

Exeter Parks Watch (EPW) and St.Davids Neighbourhood Partnership (SDNP)

How appropriate, with the impending Christmas celebrations, that Gina Richards, representing Exeter Parks Watch, should slither out like some ghost of Christmas Past  to communicate with one of our community.  Gina, where have you and EPW been during the past two years since your, and their, unceremonious departure?  A departure that was as a result of our community questioning the dubious tactics of yourself, Christine Fraser, and Susan Lawrence (Chair of EPW).  Gina you currently, and allegedly, represent this community as a member of the ‘Looe Road Park Working Group’ at EPW meetings but have made NO attempt to meet with anyone to discuss ANYTHING, even THIS contact was by telephone.  Why?  Are you too ashamed of your own and your associates despicable behaviour in the past? Applying the term ‘GROUP’ is a bit of an exaggeration, don’t you think?  You are NOT a ‘group’, you sit in not so splendid isolation because the only other three of the group resigned because of the appalling behaviour of yourself and your EPW cohorts.

No doubt you and the rest of the motley crew at EPW and SDNP may have heard of some possible ‘kudos gaining’ initiative occurring within our community and anticipate poking your oar in after years of doing precisely NOTHING, this is, after all, EPW’s and SDNP’s favoured modus operandi.

Do follow this link for the REAL EPW and SDNP story - Charlatans


Devon & Cornwall Police

For the shameful behaviour of some of their officers and the appalling way that they have treated our community and the continuing refusal of their superiors to deal with it.  The potential for thousands of pounds worth of community funding lost because of the actions of a serving police officer and you prefer to ignore it.  It is hardly surprising that many members of the public have such a poor opinion of your organisation.