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Precisely what are the realities of  policing in your community? Should we believe the hype?  ‘Our Exeter’ will be telling you how it has been for our community.  This section will be particularly informative given the negative experiences of our community and the stubborn refusal of Devon & Cornwall Constabulary to deal with them.


Quote from Home Office representative to one of our team -

“There is no such thing as ‘low-level’ anti-social behaviour”.  

‘Our Exeter’ agree - anti-social behaviour is made no less distressing for those that experience it by merely adding words that attempt to trivialise it.


Changes to Community Policing...are to be implemented.  No longer will your community have the benefits of a dedicated PC but, instead, PCSOs will be responsible for the day to day policing of your community.  Given the limited powers of PCSOs, ‘Our Exeter’ question the wisdom of this policy.  




“He went That Way” - Exeter Resident Drops Cigarette Butt