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Parks & Open Spaces

John Ruskin, art critic and social commentator (1819 - 1900) commented,

“The measure of a City’s greatness is to be found in the quality of its public spaces, its parks and squares.”

One only has to visit Looe Road Park in Lr.St.David’s to realise that the views of Ruskin, and our community, are not shared by Exeter City Council. Continuing neglect and the refusal by Parks to address issues allow this valuable community asset to deteriorate whilst thousands of pounds have been spent on other parks within the City.  Many thousands of pounds have been invested in Heavitree Park in a failed attempt to achieve Green Flag status.  Other City parks have also been fortunate to receive considerable funding and yet serious investment in Looe Road Park is noticeable by its absence.

Our Community Association’s attempts to work with ECC’s Parks & Open Spaces Department are impossible because of their continuing obstructive and unhelpful attitudes and failure to respond to communications.



Yet more promises of support that never materialised.  

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