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Plenty of opinion on this topic as Exeter City Council cosies up to the University and developers and continue to ignore public opinion re student population density in various communities across the city.

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The ‘Our Exeter’ team have contacted Exeter City Council and suggested that a list of ‘absentee landlords’ be created to enable contact to bring matters of concern , made by the community, to the property owners attention.  For far too long  the majority of absentee landlords have been content to collect the rent and  refuse to accept any responsibility for the untidiness of their property  or the actions of their tenants.  ‘Our Exeter’ believe that it is about time that this attitude changed.  ECC have the powers to deal with these issues under the Town & Country Planning Act but, for reasons known only to themselves, prefer to ignore the rapidly deteriorating situation..  

More to come on this topic when ECC respond.


Meanwhile.....A meeting has been organised for this coming week with the University Community Liaison Officer (CLO) and Uni volunteers to discuss student disturbances within our community.  The CLO responded within hours to complaints raised by community reps. We appreciate his rapid response and look forward to co-operating with the University team to implement a satisfactory resolution.  The Councils could try following the University’s example.

Meeting Outcome - The meeting with University reps was very positive and their pro-active involvement has had very positive results.  Thanks also to Student Wardens and Mentors for their valuable contribution.