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Exeter City Council’s Very Own ‘Dirty Protest’?

It would seem that Exeter City Council’s Cleansing Management have taken exception to ‘Our Exeter’ pointing out to them the error of their ways.  Being the community spirited group that we are we have been contacting Cleansing on a regular basis to raise their awareness of ongoing rubbish problems within our community.  We have even delivered flyers and posters for them, free of charge. Originally our input was, apparently, valued.  This week, however, their attitude has taken a less than accommodating direction and we have been left with festering bags of grey waste within our community for over a week after collection day.  ECC management cannot blame the weather this time, unless rain poses the same operational difficulties as the snow did.  What next? Morning mist?  ‘Our Exeter’ contacted Cleansing a week ago about this mess and......no response, not even an acknowledgement.  Buck up Bob, this really isn’t good enough.